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An Online Strategy that Increases Income.

New Clients pay-off Development Costs in just a few months!

Increased Income and Return on Investment (ROI) for your Therapy Practice

Return on Investment (ROI) Example: Our most popular Service Package Three - The Modern Therapy Practice.

The following spread-sheet outlines a baseline average projection Return on Investment in development for therapists charging an hourly rate between $60 to $150 per hour. We make several assumptions - most of them are conservative! The therapy website design can take approx. 3 to 6 weeks to begin ranking in search engine results, and several more weeks to begin climbing up the page rankings. While it will be quite possible to have 4 to 6 new clients each month from our Web Presence services, for our purposes here to estimate income to the psychotherapy practice, we are limiting the number of NEW clients each month to 2 new clients per month as a baseline average projection.

An income potential of approximately $30,000! Note that the $150 rate scale below could also represent a 90-minute session at $100/hour. Therapist hourly rates are noted in Blue. We know we’ll make your phone ring! However, it’s up to the individual therapist to communicate therapy practice specialties, and address the caller’s needs to convert the prospect into an actual client for the practice.

The most impressive aspect we wish to convey with the spread-sheet below: Even with conservative estimates for prospects produced, as well as accounting for varying hourly rates, your practice will benefit greatly with our popular “The Modern Therapy Practice” service package three offering. These revenues will not only pay for development costs, but will indeed substantially increase your therapy practice’s income!


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