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Web Presence for your Psychotherapy Practice integrates

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Your Web Presence begins with a Great Website.

Your website is the center of your online activity - an expression of you and your practice. Its primary focus: Present your practice in the best ways possible. What distinguishes your practice from others? What are your specialities? In which methodologies are you certified? And why that’s so important for the Therapist, Psychologist, or Psychiatrist.

Your website must be compelling. Although we’re therapy marketing it to your region at large, it should “speak” to an audience of One. The website’s most important feature: your written expression of the private psychotherapy practice. It should be personable, yet have a professional demeanor. Prospective clients should clearly understand that you have the expertise to address their needs and concerns. And it’s this expression, when supported by our complementary design that communicates your objective message, which together helps prospective clients trust that your specialties and certifications will resolve their pain or conflict... Feeling assured, your website then provides them a way to contact you!

Our web development starts with an assessment of your psychotherapy practice - how your own unique expression will be conveyed to new prospective clients through the design of your website and online activities. Learn More.

Search Marketing Solutions - Provide ways for people to find you.

The age-old question “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”  has been debated by philosophers for centuries. A similar question could be: “If your Web Site goes Unseen, does it still Produce Results?”

Our response might surprise you... Yes! We believe that a web site unseen does produce results, just not favorable results! By prospective clients contacting another practice - instead of yours - you have incurred a real opportunity cost... Quite literally, by your website not being seen - or found via search results to its fullest potential - income is leaving your practice.

We fix that! Traditional ways to advertise the Therapist, Psychologist, or Psychiatrist therapy practice have dramatically declined. We develop therapy marketing strategies that capture prospective clients searching the Internet to find your therapy practice. Through a focused, research-based Search Marketing Solution with measurable results, including an extensive tuning and refinement process spanning several months, we create ways for new prospective clients to find your practice with search results. Learn More.

Social Media & Networking Solutions: Strengthen your Web Presence & Add Income.

The Rule of Seven is a timeless marketing adage. It says that for someone to actively seek you out, they need to receive your message from trustworthy sources up to seven times. Practitioners are at an advantage. People seeking help are already actively searching for counseling services. For searchers to become your prospective clients, they need to be able to find your web site - as well as finding a variety of connections to it - from sources that build trust with Prospective Clients to your Therapy Practice’s Website.

Think of Social Media and Networking as the strings that tie together your Web Presence, literally connecting your web site and marketing strategy. As the third component to building and strengthening your Web Presence in therapy marketing, our online solutions drive traffic to your web site. And as web site viewers become prospective clients, income for the Therapist, Psychologist, or Psychiatrist practice will substantially increase.

Our social media solutions are focused and engaging for your practice. We bring an online element to activities designed to enhance community involvement & support. Our solutions are developed in ways that builds trust between prospective clients and your private psychotherapy practice. Learn More.
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