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Your Website’s Expression & Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Combine for a Solution with High Search Result Rankings

SEO helps tell search engines like Google about your practice’s expertise.

In today’s Web-Centric marketplace, it’s vital to present your therapy practice’s website in ways that it can be seen by prospective clients searching the Internet. The nicest looking website that isn’t found by the search engines loses tremendous opportunities, translating into lost revenues for the Therapist, Psychologist, or Psychiatrist therapy practice.

Search results are based upon the relationship - and relevance - of a number of different factors that include: the website’s actual written content and how that information is presented on the page, individual page titles, individual page descriptions summarizing page content, how people are finding the website, and how many times are people coming to the website.

There are many different aspects and strengths to Search Engine Optimization. The most common being that of choosing certain “Keywords” that describe the practice, and then including those keywords into the actual source code of the web site. These keywords then tell the search engines to pay attention to such words as they appear in the individual web page.

Taking it a step further, website designers then use these keywords in page titles and descriptions. Doing so thus begins to create the relationship of these same words found as “Keywords”, which are also used again as components within the web page title and description.

To the degree that we are choosing keywords, we use a similar approach to our SEO. However, in our approach to Search Engine Optimization we are actually choosing not only individual keywords, but combinations of words to form “Keyword Phrases” which may better reflect what prospective clients are actually searching for. After these phrases are initially chosen, we then research and perform a comparative analysis on them to determine the phrases which have the highest ranking, while also having relevance to the actual content on the page.

These “Keyword Phrases” are focused upon your psychotherapy practice’s areas of expertise - described in site’s web page content - and thereby provide relevance. The search engines can then return higher results to prospective clients when using combinations of these search terms.

Higher Rankings are achieved by designing

the Therapy Web Site for

Search Engine Optimization from the start!

Total Website Optimization includes SEO as an initial component to Website Design.

Our Website Design and Development packages which include Search Engine Optimization components provide higher rankings in the search engines. Website rankings are associated to relevance. Relevance is not only measured by how keyword phrases relate to page content, but also how it is presented and designed into each and every web page on the Therapy Website for the Therapist, Psychologist, or Psychiatrist.

These packages include a special consultation prior to content being written. In addition to discussing areas of expertise and specific specialities, we focus on developing “Keyword Phrases and Pairings” which have been shown via the research to provide higher search results based upon the specific expertise.

The Practitioner, knowing these focused phrases, can now begin to write content that reflects them. Since content about expertise and specialities is now also tied directly to the SEO, the relationship between the content and phrases is much stronger - it’s more relevant! Then by combining that relevance with a web site design that can be easily searched by the engines, higher website rankings are achieved for your psychotherapy practice.

Your Search Therapy Marketing Solution - a process that’s implemented and refined over time.

Our Goal: Provide multiple ways for prospective clients to find your therapy practice on Page One in the organic search results and optimize your website so that it consistently scores high in the rankings. We achieve these goals through implementing our search marketing process and refining it over a time period sometimes spanning several months.

Organic Site Optimization vs. Paid Listings: Our SEO efforts follow best practice “White Hat SEO” industry guidelines for high ranking Organic search results. We choose methods that will lead prospective clients to your site from Page One results from a variety of sources. This also begins to tie into our Social Media and Networking therapy marketing packages. While we do not “Guarantee” page one search results on your actual site, this is often the case. Beware of those companies that do! “Organic” results are those listed in the main body of a search result pages, which have been chosen independently by the search engines. The more relevant a website is believed to match an inquiry, the higher the website ranking.

There are two other important areas to a results page: the top 2 or 3 rankings which appear in a tinted box above organic results (sometimes called “sponsored results”), and the right hand column of listings. These areas are reserved for sponsored Paid Listings. Companies that are guaranteeing page one placement are merely marking up the fees to be included in the Paid Listings. Be aware of such ploys and protect yourself from such marketing schemes!

Paid listings can be an expensive way to drive traffic to your therapy website. They should only be considered once your site has been optimized for organic results and a social media and networking program is in place. They should be considered only as a component to a long term strategy. However, implemented efficiently, they can be an additional source of delivering targeted prospective clients to the practice. They are also a great way to provide targeted advertising for the Therapist, Psychologist, or Psychiatrist to market special events like classes and workshops.

Local Search Solutions: For the psychotherapy practice, prospective clients come form a variety of sources. In addition to searching on areas of expertise, prospects will also narrow-down search inquiries by geographic region. By taking advantage of the increasing number of resources available for local search options, we will optimize your therapy practice’s website for location dependent searches. Some of these local search sources cross-over to, and are included in, our Social Media and Networking packages. In addition, development may be chosen to specifically target individual cities, counties, or regions.

Your Modern Therapy Website

Designed to convey Expertise and Specialities

Developed for High Search Rankings

Search Engine Results are Cumulative: Your search engine results will evolve. Your online directory resources will begin to send traffic to your site. Links form your professional associations will too. Through our combined efforts of content written to focus on specific keyword phrases addressing practice expertise and specialities, and then presenting web pages which are designed specifically for maximum rankings for the search engines, prospective clients will begin visiting your site very quickly. And when they visit, your practice’s website moves up in the search rankings.

Measurable Results: Included with our SEO package is our program detailing and measuring “Site Traffic” via Google Analytics. Installed directly into your site’s source code, unique statistics about your site detailing not only traffic, but from what sources prospective clients are visiting your site are attained. We’ll guide you to easily understand its reporting features that will help us make measurable improvements to your Search Therapy Marketing Strategy.

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