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Online Solutions that literally link together

your Website and Search Marketing Strategy.

Social Media & Networking: Build Trust with Prospective Clients and Web Presence.

Social Media & Online Networking Solutions accomplish two primary goals. First, most importantly, by prospective clients searching other sites which then refer them to your site, it builds trust that your private practice has the expertise to address their needs... Your practice’s website then motivates the prospective client; the next logical step being to connect with you via phone or email for further information. The more ways that prospective clients see your site in the search results, the more ways your practice will build trust with prospective clients.

However, its our 2nd goal that really plays a role in making your Web Presence Strong. Having these additional links to your practice’s website increases its rankings among the search engines. Furthermore, when prospective clients follow these referral links to your site it increases the number of visitors to your site. Your site rankings benefit from both the links themselves and the additional traffic to your practice’s site!

It’s the snow-ball effect really... And it’s why high search rankings happen over time, not overnight! By having great links that drive prospective clients to your web site, search rankings increase. Once the rankings begin to increase, more and more prospective clients will find your therapy website in the results. Then as your site’s traffic increases, so again will your search rankings. All supported by our targeted and tuned SEO, based upon your own site’s unique message and expression of practice expertise and specialities!

Our Online Solutions for Groups and Workshops...

A Golden Opportunity to increase Web Presence,

Engage Community, and add Vitality to your practice!

Groups and Workshops: Engage Community with an Online Component.

Community activities are a Golden Opportunity for our Social Media & Networking Solutions! Many therapy practices offer recurring classes and groups, as well as special events like weekend workshops or professional meetings. Such activities engage the Community and create vitality in your practice. By simply adding or enhancing online components to current and future activities, the practice’s overall Web Presence for the Therapist, Psychologist, or Psychiatrist is increased substantially.

The marketing and promotion of your private psychotherapy practice’s special events and activities increases Web Presence in many different ways. They all contribute to higher search rankings and increased therapy website traffic. They build trust and deliver prospective clients to your practice! By there very nature, these activities are date specific and often recurring. Search engines reward web sites which have constantly changing and updating information with higher page rankings - provided that this information meets and is supported by the keyword phrases of the site’s optimization! Our online solutions support your community engagement and include:

Special Event Web Pages. We design additional web pages detailing the activity or special event for your practice’s therapy website. They will be read by search engines and rank. They will also provide lift to other pages in your practice’s site. Depending upon whether or not the activity is solely sponsored by your practice, we may also suggest the creation of a separate website that will have a group of links back to your own practice’s site. These event therapy websites may also contain registration functionality including online payment.

Event Email Blasts. Our direct email marketing campaigns provide a cost effective way to promote your special event or activity. They are designed to send prospective clients to your event pages, as well as your main pages to your practice’s website. They will drive traffic and increase site search rankings!

Event Press Releases. Used in conjunction with the email marketing campaign, they send Press Release notifications to online media sources. Designed to get noticed, they reflect an event’s branded collateral material, matching web site and printed material characteristics.

Event Promotion Sites. There are many sites for posting events, and they increase seemingly everyday. Some sites have huge online communities. We’ll discuss options and help choose those that fit practice goals. These event sites will drive traffic to event pages, and you’ll also benefit from increased overall traffic to your site.

Social Networking Sites. These sites link together your practice and community activities - see Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIN below. In addition to utilizing them to market your practice, they can serve a dual purpose by also promoting your event! We will discuss ways to take advantage of there most powerful features.

We’ll make it easy for you to implement

the right online strategy for your practice!

Social Media & Networking: Our Online Solutions make it Easy!

Not every online strategy is right every practice. Included with our packages is a consultation that will help you understand and choose the platforms that are a good fit for your practice and goals. Our solutions are a process. We’ll create a strategy that will prioritize your choices. And together, we’ll create a schedule which will be implemented realistically over time. Social media and networking options include:

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN... the list is seemingly endless. In our packaged solutions we discuss the available options and set up the accounts for your practice. Our methods will help automate the process. Referral links from these sites will increase your site rankings, and - most importantly - they’ll send your practice prospective clients!

Paid Professional Directories. We use them, but sparingly! They can be expensive and often have high monthly subscriptions. However use of some of them will add trust and prospective clients, as well as positive rankings to your web site. Included with our Social Media & Networking Solutions package is a consultation and analysis. We’ll discuss options, taking into account your geographical area and target market, to help you choose the ones that make the most sense. 

Free Merchant Directories - Local Search. We take advantage of them! Often our SEO efforts create opportunities that cross over into these directories as well. While not as heavily ranked as paid directories (some aren’t at all), they will help drive prospective clients to your website.

Online Communities. Think CraigsList. These communities are absolute raging rivers of online users that can be tapped to drive website traffic and rankings. We’ll create custom code - pages that can be posted which will link to your private practice’s site.

Written Articles. By repurposing and reproducing existing and newly written articles, your practice for the Therapist, Psychologist, or Psychiatrist can expand its Web Presence. Your articles detailing your successes, areas of expertise, and specialties should be included with your therapy practice’s website. In addition, they should also be repurposed and reproduced for increased traction. We’ll introduce you to some of the more popular article posting sites, and also explain the importance of repurposing content into other forms of media.

Blogging. Can be an important online component to our practice. However, there are time requirements. We’ll discuss options and determine ways to include with your overall therapy website’s Web Presence.

Additional Resources. Social Media & Networking is a moving target. Your online strategy should be flexible, and should always be aligned with SEO and practice goals. We’ll continue to make suggestions, presenting you new ways to increase traffic, converting visitors into prospective clients!

Your Social Media & Networking Strategy now integrates with your total Web Presence activities. Learn More.

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