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The Design Concept:

The initial strategy for your practice’s website.

Website Development begins by defining needs & goals - Not by choosing a template!

In our second consultation, development begins by outlining basic needs for the Therapist, Psychologist, or Psychiatrist website. The psychotherapy practice’s strategy is discussed and a solution developed. A practice’s areas of expertise are further defined and a general outline is developed. While some clients have an idea to the basic color scheme of their site, many do not. We work with the Therapist, Psychologist, or Psychiatrist in these initial consultations to explore design directions, and then integrate design considerations to begin crafting a marketing solution that fits the practice’s needs.

Design considerations include....

• Overall website size - outline created that details individual web pages for areas of expertise.

• Color Schemes which convey the “Look and Feel” to the practice’s own unique expression.

• Images and graphics - how they relate to practice’s areas of expertise. Will site include an opening “Slide-Show”?

• Definition of page headers - Research of search terminology relating to practice expertise.

  1. Navigation - define based upon pages and expertise. How will page layout affect vertical or horizontal orientation? How will optimization for search engines further define verbiage of page links?

We do not begin website development by specifying color schemes and site layouts.

Instead of immediately choosing a theme or template, we believe that a therapy website design evolves based upon a practice’s needs, tempered by marketing strategies and search optimization goals

Taking our own site as an example, some of our design considerations were to have bright, easily read pages that were tied together by both vertical and horizontal navigation. Each page title header supports page content, which is then further optimized and supported by page name, browser title, and page description for search purposes. The photography supports our target audience - therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists - suggesting almost a healing “Stepping Stone” approach to development. This image is also used to tie together the page header to the page’s text content body.

An initial design concept, based upon these considerations would look something like the following. Notice that the “wine-colored” accent bar between header and body is not yet defined, and that layout is “broad-stroked”...

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Page Content

Summary  Navigation






Page Content

Summary  Navigation






Page Content

Summary  Navigation

Obviously, the above concept became our website you’re viewing now... As part of our design concept exploration, clients are presented other variations on a particular theme. Using again this site as an example, those variations might look like the following:

The above concept later became our current choice after adjusting colors to give it a lighter feel. An earlier concept looked similar to this concept below...

Design concept exploration and development will go thru several revisions - it’s part of our process.

After an initial design concept is chosen, design focuses on the layout and therapy website design content, and how best to present your therapy practice expertise as a therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist to prospective clients.

Our development service offerings deliver Web Presence to your Practice.

Our therapy website design and Internet marketing solutions for the Therapist, Psychologist, or Psychiatrist are available individually, as well as in packaged services. All offerings are designed to enhance online presence in your practice.

Individual Services.

Offerings are divided into the three main elements to Web Presence: Website Design and Development, Search Therapy Marketing Strategies including Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media & Networking Online Solutions. They are designed to provide the practitioner a cost-effective way to implement a specific online strategy. Learn more...

Packaged Services for Total Web Presence.

All packages are total solutions which combine individual components into cohesive offerings. They differ only in total number of web pages, web sites, and monthly maintenance. Utilizing our integrated methods, they offer the psychotherapy practice a streamlined approach geared towards achieving a maximum Web Presence benefit over the shortest period of time. They provide the practitioner a cost-effective way to implement an online therapy marketing strategy. Learn more...

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